a much better inbox.
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slimail tidies-up your inbox and helps you get the most from your email.
emails made better

Cleaner Inbox
Get clean subject lines for your emails.
Your inbox never looked better.

Neat Email
Stop searching for hidden links in your mail.
Messy mail messages become friendly.

Augmented Subject
Life is easier when you see everything
right before opening the mail.

No Duplicates
Stop receiving the same mail again
and again. You'll never get the same mail twice.
No matter what.

Social Email
Know what to expect before opening a message.
Rate mails yourself so other can know too.

Streaming Video
Watch videos attachments instantly instead of
waiting for them to download.

Much More
Our advanced features will keep your inbox
the way it's meant to be.

100% Safe
We do not read your mail.
You can restore any modified e-mail.
You can cancel slimail any time.